Guest Testimonials

"We've had a great week!  Our 31 member family got together - played games, shared stories
and got to know each other better..."

"Thank you for having this lodge that is big enough to hold our large family so they can all be under one roof."

"The time spent here far surpassed our anticipation and excitement for this great family weekend."

"Thank you for giving us a wonderful place to enjoy each other and make new memories."

"We all had a great family reunion & thank the owners of Hide-A-Way Lodge for allowing this all to be possible.  May we all meet again & may God bless this wonderful place & all those who visit here!"

"Thanks for having us Pat and Rich!  Our 2nd year in a row & we'll be back next year!"

and many, many more....

We recently had to close our guestbook section because of spam problems, but
we would still like you to share your comments with us, and we'd like to share those
comments with others.  Please send your comments to [email protected], and
we would love to help you share your experiences at our lodge!

THANK YOU for contributing to our lodge by sharing your kind thoughts and praises.  We look forward to seeing you all again in your future visits to HIDE-A-WAY LODGE!